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Soft Washing

Soft washing is the low-pressure alternative to pressure washing. This new technology was designed to safely clean surfaces that can’t stand up to the force of power washing. While pressure washing is a great fit for hardscapes, it can do more damage than good to your other exterior surfaces.

But these areas need cleaning care, too. And that’s where soft washing helps. This technology allows our team to:

  • Remove buildup from dirt, pollen, and dust
  • Wash away discoloration, streaks, and stains
  • Kill mildew, mold, algae, and moss

Soft washing uses special technology to achieve superior cleaning power. Our equipment distributes cleaning products on the affected surface, then allows the treatment to work its magic. Finally, our system will gently rinse away the cleaner to reveal your “just like new” surface beneath. And all of this happens without harsh cleaning products.

What Do You Soft Wash?
There are a few surfaces that should never endure treatment from a pressure washing system. Our team delivers a safe alternative that offers effective cleaning power without any of the drawbacks. We apply soft washing to your:

  • Roof

With soft washing, your roof can finally shed those black streaks – without inflicting serious damage from harsh pressures in the process.

  • Home exterior

Your siding is a magnet for dirt, algae, and another buildup. Soft washing gives your home exterior a clean slate.

Soft washing is the only way to clean your siding and roof. With our professional service, you never have to compromise on quality or safety. Put your exterior in the hands of the Game Time Pressure Washing soft washing solution – and watch the benefits unfold!

Driveway & Walkway

Some parts of your property need an extra-special clean. And your hardscapes fit into that category. Our pressure washing service is designed to bring a deep clean to the areas that need it most. We offer a powerful solution that addresses:

●  Stain removal
Dirt can take a toll on a surface. So can leaky substances, like grease and oil. But with our pressure washing service, they get the “erase” treatment.

Debris removal
Grit can become deeply embedded in your property’s hardscapes. We extract all the debris to leave the surface clean, safe, and fully functional.

●  Chewing gum removal
Your stickiest problem has a solution in our pressure washing service. We use this process to remove all traces of chewing gum from your property.

With pressure washing, your biggest eyesores become a “problem solved.” Our team has the capability to turn virtually any problem area into a strong suit for your property.

A Solution For All Surfaces

Our pressure washing solution is ideally suited to address the cleaning needs of all your hardscapes. We use this powerful technology to erase the eyesores from your property – and leave only curb appeal in its place. Your sidewalk, patio, and entryway will get the best with:

●  Hot water pressure washing
This approach ensures that your surfaces get the deep clean they need

●  Specialty cleaning products
We use a solution that breaks down buildup and kills mold, mildew, and algae

●  Powerful capacity
Our pressure washing equipment can transform virtually all your surfaces

House Washing

We could all stand to hit the “reset” button now and then. Game Time Pressure Washing can do exactly that for your home exterior. With our soft washing service, your house gets the treatment it needs to look like new – without investing in a costly siding replacement project.

Our team invests in the best technology to elevate your home exterior. We use this service to:

  • Remove dirt and grit
    Your home exterior gets coated with a film of grime over time – and it’s our job to remove it all.
  • Extract stains
    Pollen, bacterial growth, and other eyesores bring your siding down. We strip them away from your exterior.
  • Kill mildew, algae, and mold
    Our soft washing service doesn’t just remove mold, mildew, and algae – it kills the buildup for good.

Why We Soft Wash:

Customers often ask why we use soft washing to clean their home exterior. The answer is simple but vital: it’s the only way to safely wash your siding. We carefully invest in the best equipment and cleaning products to bring the best quality to your property. This approach is:

  • Cutting edge
    Our soft washing service uses the industry’s best technology to ensure top-tier results.
  • Safe
    Since soft washing uses low PSI, it’s always safe for your exterior, regardless of the material.
  • Effective
    Soft washing is the best way to give your home that “just like new” look – without having to invest in new siding.

With a house washing service from Game Time Pressure Washing, you can always count on bringing the best quality to your property. And with it comes to curb appeal that sticks.

Roof Washing

We have a solution for this destructive bacteria. With a roof cleaning service from Game Time Pressure Washing, you can expect the best with:

  • Complete black stain removal
    Our cleaning products are specially formulated to address the black streaks that bring your roof down. You don’t just get curb appeal – you get quality control.
  • Mold and mildew mitigation
    Our soft washing technology is specialized to kill spores from mold, mildew, and algae. This gives you the long-lasting results your roof deserves.
  • Long-lasting results
    We don’t deliver a fleeting solution – instead, we offer one that lasts for the long haul. With our roof cleaning service, you get results that last.

Why Soft Washing Matters:

There’s only one way to clean your roof: soft washing. This service is an investment for the present and future of your roof, and it delivers quality that lasts for the long haul. With our soft washing service, you get:

  • Safety
    Pressure washing can take a massive toll on your roofing. Our soft washing solution, on the other hand, is completely safe for every shingle. Equally important? It delivers results that last.
  • Quality
    Our cleaning products kill unwanted buildup, while our soft washing technology removes debris and eyesores that don’t belong. As a result, you get a “just like new” roof that is ready to last for the long run.
  • Curb appeal
    A clean roof sets the stage for the rest of your property. Our soft washing service ensures that your shingles can stand up to the challenge.

With a soft washing service from Game Time Pressure Washing, your roof isn’t just cleaner. It has quality locked in for the long haul. Get the complete package from our professional roof cleaning experts today!

Stone Restoration

Our stone restoration service creates the impact you want to see in all your hardscapes — and quality to last.

A Recipe For Success:
When you enjoy time outside – whether it’s relaxing on the patio or walking to the front door – you want to feel confident. You want to feel confident that your property has the best care possible. And you want to feel confident that you’re getting curb appeal and functionality to match.

That’s what you get with Game Time Pressure Washing. Our stone restoration service is designed to make all your hardscapes shine. And we do this with:

    • Deep cleaning power
      Stone surfaces need something more powerful that pressure washing. With our restoration solution, you’re getting the best from your hardscapes.
    • Color restoration
      Fading? No problem. Our service is designed to remove the buildup that makes your stone surfaces look careworn.
    • Mildew, mold, moss, algae, and lichen removal
      Organic matter isn’t just inconvenient – it’s damaging. That’s why we use a special approach to remove it for good.
    • Long-lasting results
      Our approach is effective and safe. You can feel confident that you’re getting the best without having to worry about your stone surfaces chipping or popping grout out.

A Solution For Every Surface:

Every property is unique. But that doesn’t mean that you should get a one-size-fits-all service. In fact, we believe the opposite. With our tailored approach, your property is always getting the care it needs for success. We deliver a solution to:

  • Every stone type
    Our stone restoration services are well-suited to bring out the best in flagstone, bluestone, slate, limestone, and more.
  • Every surface
    We know that you rely on every surface in your property. That’s why we offer service to your walkways, patios, pool decks, walls, and beyond.

Our region is known for its stone detailing – and we’ve been restoring the shine to these surfaces since we began our business. With stone restoration, you aren’t just getting a new aesthetic for your property. You’re getting a transformation!

Pool Deck Cleaning

The condition of your pool deck impacts your property’s curb appeal. But it also has a huge impact on the safety of your exterior. Our team balances both need to ensure that you’re getting the best for your property.

Game Time Pressure Washing uses an innovative pressure washing service to strip away the unwanted buildup – and we leave a clean, inviting, and safe pool deck in its wake. With the best technology to guide our service, we:

  • Extract dirt and debris
    Foot traffic can bring a lot of particulate matter with it. We remove the debris that doesn’t belong – so you get a safe and inviting surface in its wake.
  • Kill algae and mold
    These issues thrive in the moist poolside environment. Our pressure washing system removes existing buildup, while our cleaning products kill the growth. The result: you get a long-term solution.
  • Brighten the surface
    A dull, dirty pool deck has a way of killing the appeal of poolside lounging. Our team delivers a deep clean that will get your to curb appeal back on track.

Why Pool Deck Cleaning Matters:

Same-level slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of emergency room visits each year. And poolsides present a high-risk area for these hazards to occur. Game Time Pressure Washing helps you minimize the potential for falls – and we do it with pressure washing. The added bonus? When you invest in this critical safety measure, you’re also investing in your property’s curb appeal.

Deck & Fence Cleaning

Curb appeal should start at your property line. With a deck and fence cleaning service from Game Time Pressure Washing, you’re getting the quality your exterior needs to max out your pride in home sweet home.

Every property is different. And our job is to tailor our pressure washing solution to the specific needs of your space. When you choose Game Time Pressure Washing, you can count on a completely customized pressure washing solution. But you can also count on quality that lasts. We offer:

  • Advanced pressure washing equipment
    Our technology is ideally suited to remove stains, debris, and other unwanted buildup. This leaves your property as it should be – flawless.
  • Specialty cleaning products
    Our cleaning detergents are specially formulated to kill mold, algae, moss, and all the other contaminants that affect your property.
  • Safe pressure washing
    Our professionals can safely clean the affected area in a way that removes buildup without putting the surface space at risk.

There are plenty of perks to routine property maintenance. But when it comes to your fence and deck, it has a make-it-or-break-it impact on three important values:

  • Curb appeal
    A fence stained with algae doesn’t exactly make a glowing first impression. We ensure that your property sends all the right messages.
  • Safety
    When your deck is covered with debris, it isn’t just ugly – it’s a safety hazard. We remove the risky buildup and eliminate slip and fall potential to cultivate a safe surface.
  • Property value
    When your property is well maintained, its value goes up. It also means that you can go longer between investing in costly repairs and replacements.

A clean deck and a spotless fence system set the stage for the rest of your property. When you turn to Game Time Pressure Washing, your property looks picture-perfect – and you don’t have to raise a finger!